Highlights Magazine “Double-O”

The October 2015 issue of Highlights Magazine just showed up in my mailbox with one of my illustrations inside. The idea was to use a bunch of words with an “oo” sound in the middle. Below is my preliminary sketch and the final art. After I turned in the sketch they asked me to change the pig from a sneezing “Achoo!” to shouting “Yahoo!” so I redrew his pose. Other than that it was pretty smooth sailing, and a lot of fun to draw.

Artwork is copyright © 2015 Highlights Magazine. All rights reserved.




Sportscaster Illo for Highlights Magazine

Sportscaster Seal for Highlights Magazine

The July 2014 issue of Highlights Magazine just arrived in my mailbox. On page 15 is this spot illustration I did for a math segment called “What’s The Score?”  The client wanted a seal posed as an excited sportscaster with some fictional team logos on the screen behind him. The empty area in the lower left was intentionally left blank to allow for placement of a word balloon.

I have fond memories of reading Highlights at the dentist’s office when I was a kid. It’s an honor to now have my work popping up inside. I’ve done a couple of more illustrations for them since that will be appearing in future issues.

I’ve Been Given The Pewter Plate Award From Highlights Magazine


This afternoon I received a package from Highlights! magazine. Inside was a letter informing me I’ve been chosen to receive the Illustrator of the Month Pewter Plate Award, and a shiny silver plate with my name inscribed. Very classy. I’m surprised and very honored. Every issue of Highlights is full of wonderful artwork from several very charming illustrators. It’s a real treat just to be published among them, much less singled out.

The award was for a three-page comic strip story I illustrated for the current issue (January 2013) of Highlights for Children, titled “The Chicken-and-a-Million-Veggies Report”. I can’t publish the entire story here but I can show you a little snippet of the artwork:

Highlights Sample
(Click to enlarge.)