Recently I was hired by Snert Studios to design a wacky rooster character for a Flash-based children’s website they are developing. The site is still under construction but the client has given me permission to post my work on the project.

I wanted to push the designs in a more stylized direction than normal so I started playing around with various shapes and proportions to see how far I could push things and still retain the essence of a rooster. Above are the various sketches I submitted to the client.

The client really liked both D and E. Rather than choose it was decided that instead of the website having one rooster character it would have two. Sort of a comedy team. Birds of a feather you might say.

Here’s the final designs, inked and colored in Illustrator:

roostersstanding-v2Once the site is live I’ll be sure to post a link.

Watch Your Step


I found this using Stumble. It’s a fun (though bizarre) animated short by Pascal Campion about a man trying to open a very unique cartoon door. It appears to have been done in Flash. The timing is sharp, the animation is fluid, and the concept is delightfully simple. There is no sound or dialogue, just pantomime done very effectively. It runs a bit long, but you can tell the animator had a ton of fun doing it.

This little cartoon highlights one one of the often overlooked strengths of animation: the ability to really mess with physics, time, and space. This piece reminds me a bit of the work of Bill Plympton or “Duck Amuck” by Chuck Jones.

Click here to watch the cartoon.