Sketchbook Update: Shape of the Week



Thought I’d try something different for today’s warmup sketch. Every week artist Mallory Carlson posts a random shape on her Twitter feed and challenges other artists to do something with it. Above is this week’s shape and my take on it.

‘Sir Cumference’ Mascot Design

Sir Cumference character design by Cedric Hohnstadt

I sometimes get hired by business owners to create mascots for their companies and products. An appealing mascot has many benefits, several of which I’ve listed here.

Earlier this year I was hired by a blogger who is building a website about chronic pain and weight loss. He wanted a mascot for the blog who could interact with readers in a friendly, conversational tone. The idea was to create a humorous, jovial knight who is in a bit of denial about how seriously overweight he is.

Here’s some of the initial concepts I submitted:
Sir Cumference character concepts by Cedric Hohnstadt

And here’s a few illustrations using the final design (the last one is a badge for an upcoming blog series called “Not Safe For Breakfast”):

Illustrations of Sir Cumference Mascot by Cedric Hohnstadt

The website isn’t live yet, but when it is you can check it out at

Sketchbook Update: Getting Dressed In A Hurry

Sketch-"Getting Dressed In A Hurry"

Very soon I’ll be launching a Kickstarter project, a new tool to help artists add more life and personality to their poses. In preparation I’ve started doing pose sketches to communicate various themes and situations. I’ve already posted a page of sketches playing off the theme of “tired”. Here’s one of a man getting dressed in a hurry.

Once the Kickstarter launches I’ll also be giving away a freebie for artists to help promote the project. If you’d like to be one of the first people to be notified when it launches, just send me an email at

Sketchbook Update: Dancing Bear

dancing bear sketch

Yesterday I was sketching up some doodles as part of a new promotional campaign I’m working on. I liked how this bear turned out so I decided to clean it up and color it in Photoshop. If you’d like to purchase the rights to use this image please contact me.