Culligan Ads

Recently I was hired by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to illustrate three comic strip-style banner ads for Culligan. They supplied me with scripts for the ads, then I created the artwork. Click to enlarge:




It looks like the ad is now live, with the strips rotating in a slideshow format. You can view the ad here.

Comic Strip Illustrations for “Highlights For Children”

Highlights for Children is a classic kids magazine that’s been around for a long time. I have fond childhood memories of pouring over copies in the waiting rooms of my local eye doctor and dentist, way back when the Superfriends and Schoolhouse Rock ruled the Saturday morning airwaves. It was always great fun to read and made those marathon waiting room sessions fly by much faster. So it was a real treat to have the people at Highlights ask me to illustrate a three-page comic strip story for their upcoming January 2013 issue.

I just received my promo copies of the printed magazine in the mail, so I assume that if copies aren’t already being mailed out to subscribers they will be very soon, and therefore it’s OK for me to show a bit of the work I did. The story is called “The Chicken-and-a-Million-Veggietables Report” and is told as if a young boy is making a video documentary about a mysterious upcoming meal, so all of the illustrations were composed as if viewing them through the lens of a home movie camera. I obviously can’t publish the entire three-page story here on my blog, but I do want to show a sneak peak:

Highlights Sample
(Click to enlarge.)

The above image is snipped from the bottom half of the first page. The white boxes were left open for text. (I might have preferred word balloons but this was the way the client wanted it laid out). You can read the entire three-page story in the January 2013 issue of Highlights for Children.