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(Illustration by Paul Fricke/Blue Moon Studios. All rights reserved.)

It’s my pleasure to welcome another Minnesota illustrator to the blogosphere! My friend and fellow illustrator Paul Fricke (owner of Blue Moon Studios) has just launched a spanky new version of his website–complete with a daily blog. Paul has been freelancing for over twenty years now. He has a background in comic books (he created the series Trollords and inked several titles for DC comics) and specializes in advertising storyboards. Paul is a multi-talented illustrator with in impressive list of clients including Best Buy, General Mills, Target, Pillsbury, and 3M. On top of that, Paul’s an all-around nice guy. I’ve learned a lot from him. Check out the new Blue Moon Studios website, especially Paul’s new blog.


(Illustration by Charlie Griak. All rights reserved.)

Another talented artist/blogger from the Twin Cities is Charlie Griak. Charlie’s been illustrating professionally for 8 years and his work is jaw-dropping. His past clients include McDonald’s, Microsoft, CNN and Target. Stop by his website and blog for some great eye-candy. I’ve never plugged his work here before, but a mention is long overdue.