New Art Blogs Added


(Artwork copyright © Joe Bluhm. All rights reserved.)


(Artwork copyright © Jason Seiler. All rights reserved.)

I love a good caricature. Some artists have an innate ability to really sqaush and stretch a person’s features while still retaining a dead-on likeness. Personally my brain doesn’t work that way. My attempts at caricature are mediocre at best. I’m truly in awe of those who can do caricature well.

I recently stumbled upon blogs from two terrific caricature artists, Joe Bluhm and Jason Seiler. These guys are not just amazing caricaturists, but they also know what they are doing with a paintbrush. Well, I think they both paint digitally. But they each have a terrific sense of color and shading which gives their caricatures a rich, classy feel. I would lump each of them up there with some of the best caricature artists in the country.

Give their blogs a looksee! Both have been added to my list of Art Blogs over to the left. You can also click on the images above.