About the Pose Drawing Sparkbook

Illustration by Cedric Hohnstadt

What is a Sparkbook?

The Pose Drawing Sparkbook is a “super-charged” sketchbook (and now also a webinar) designed to help you practice putting more life into your drawings and make them more entertaining. Originally launched on Kickstarter, this 250-page sketchbook includes:

• Over 32 pages of articles on topics such as acting, facial expressions, posing, and adding clarity and personality to your drawings.

• 100 drawing prompts for you to sketch, carefully crafted for their acting potential. Each one gives you an emotion to express, something physical to do with the body, and can even be a springboard into an entertaining scene or mini-story. Think of them as acting exercises that you draw! Examples include “Someone you don’t like tries to give you a hug” or “Scrooge wakes up on Christmas morning a changed man”.

• Hundreds of bonus sketchbook ideas to challenge your acting and drawing skills. Lists include: 100 Props, 100 Phrases, 100 Emotions, and 100 Daily Situations.

• Access to the Sparkbook Gallery on Facebook where you can share your work and see what others are doing with the drawing prompts from the book.

It’s not really a “how to draw” book. It’s more of a “how to think” book. It’s designed to help you think about acting and posing as you draw your characters. For more info, here’s the video I originally used to launch my Kickstarter campaign:

[youtube_sc url=aXv9v4x0h28 width=690]




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$25.00 USD plus S&H.

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