VeggieTales ‘Noah’ Concepts

I was hired by Big Idea to help design characters for their “Noah’s Ark” DVD (Amazon link). Mid-way through production the VeggieTales property was sold to DreamWorks and the cast was given a complete makeover (by the amazing Elena and Olivia Ceballos) in preparation for a brand new Netflix series “VeggieTales In The House“. So, the Noah project started with the “classic” Veggie look and then switched over to a new visual style part way into production.

For the character of Shem a brand new Veggie character was created (ultimately voiced by Wayne Brady). I explored a lot of concepts for Shem and did a bit of costume work on other characters in the Noah story.

The setting for the “Noah” story also went through some changes. We started with a traditional biblical setting, then tried a 1920’s “Great Gatsby” theme before eventually settling on something more modern. Hence, the variety of costume designs below.






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