Mostly Nonsense: A Cartoon Collection

For three years I wrote and illustrated a webcomic called Sketchbook Silliness. It was a mixutre of the silly, the serious, and the spriitual. A few of the comics went viral and my work was featured on the home pages of Reddit, Imgur, and Bored Panda. I successfully kickstarted a book collecting over 100 of the comics. Here’s a few samples:

Occasionally I would make serious comics about my Christian faith. Some of these were among my most widely shared:

I successfully Kickstarted Mostly Nonsense, a book of over 100 of my cartoons. Most were silly gags but I also included a section in the back featuring a few of my Christian comics. The book is available in my store as both a non-digital thing on real paper as well as a downloadable PDF.

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