Leahy’s Leprechaun Ears

The owner of a small food company needed a mascot for a new line of chocolate covered cashews. His idea was to call them “Chocolate Covered Elf Ears”, since the shape reminded him of the ears on a small elf and he thought it would be a fun way to make his product stand out a bit. I was asked to design an appealing elf character with chocolate ears, dressed in green so that he could be used for marketing pushes during both Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m not a graphic designer so the client hired another artist to design the label. My family and I all agree, they’re delicious. The chocolate is smooth and rich, not dry or rubbery. It tastes like a quality product and I’m happy to recommend it.

Rough concepts for Leahy's Leprechaun Ears

Leahy's Leprechaun Ears