Display Illustrations for Hasbro Little Big Bites

Hasbro released a line of toys called Little Big Bites and they hired me to illustrate the retail display and packaging inserts. They are really cute little collectibles and it was a ton of fun to work on. YouTube videos don’t display properly on my website so I’ll just give you a text link to a fifteen-second commercial to help show how they work.

Here’s some of the artwork I did for the retail display:

I also did some illustrations for the paper inserts that come with each toy, including instructional diagrams and the “collect them all” artwork:

Little Big Bites are currently available at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and several other retailers. I visited a nearby Target and snapped some pics:

It’s always a delight to see my work on display. It was a super fun project and I’m grateful to Hasbro for the opportunity.

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