Inktober Day 22: “I May Be Old…”

102214-I May Be Old-color

It’s been a busy month so my participation in Inktober has been pretty spotty. Today I found time to do another sketch from my free list of Inktober ideas based on the Pose Drawing Sparkbook. I chose a line of dialogue: “I may be old but I could still whip both of you!”

I usually work digitally but every once in a while I use good old pen-and-paper to remind myself not to rely too much on the “undo” button. For me at least, it’s easy for it to become a crutch that dulls my thinking as I draw.

In hindsight I should have roughed in a few bricks behind him. The suggestion of a brick wall might have hinted that this was a back-alley situation, which would give a bit more character to the piece. Oh well. If I’d have worked digitally I could fix that. Hmmm…

EDIT: I Couldn’t help myself. Here’s a digitally-colored version: