Free Download: Inktober Sketchbook Ideas


Inktober is a fun drawing challenge that was originally created by artist Jake Parker in 2009 and has since spread across the internet. The concept is simple and fun: Every day in October you can draw anything you’d like, as long as it’s in ink (digital or traditional). Doing a rough sketch underneath is allowed. Then share your work on social media using the hash tag “#inktober”. It sounds like fun and I’m hoping to contribute off-and-on throughout the month (deadlines permitting). For more info and rules visit

Need some Inktober drawing ideas? I’ve put together a free PDF download of 31 drawing prompts from the Pose Drawing Sparkbook. (EDIT: About 2/3 of the list is from the book, the other 1/3 is new). As with everything in the book they are specifically designed to help you practice making your drawings more expressive and entertaining:


Here’s the list in non-PDF form:

  1. Trying to close an overstuffed suitcase.
  2. A clumsy jester has spilled wine all over the king.
  3. A caveman teaching his pet dinosaur to play fetch.
  4. “I just heard the funniest joke!”
  5. An old professor chases his escaped lab rat through the university library.
  6. Asking a loan shark for money.
  7. Haven’t slept in three days.
  8. Illustrate “dignity”
  9. A hermit describing how he was abducted by a UFO.
  10. ‘The boy who cried wolf’ realizing that this time no one is coming.
  11. “There, there. It’s be all right.”
  12. A coach blowing his top during a halftime locker room speech.
  13. Learning to roller skate.
  14. A hammy actor fumbles and drops the skull during a performance of “Hamlet”
  15. An imaginative child playing with a cardboard box.
  16. Illustrate “macho”
  17. Just spilled a drink on your laptop.
  18. A timid person confronting a bully.
  19. Opening a door with your arms full.
  20. A young farm boy tries to get a stubborn goat out of it’s pen.
  21. Really telling someone off!
  22. “I may be old but I could still whip both of you!”
  23. At home alone watching a scary movie.
  24. Illustrate ”headache”
  25. Someone smashing their thumb with a hammer.
  26. Walking into a gust of wind.
  27. Telling a story to a child.
  28. A nervous criminal attempting his first robbery.
  29. “Aw, shucks!”
  30. Illustrate “out of breath”
  31. Dr. Jekyll transforming into Mr. Hyde


Unfortunately physical copies of the Pose Drawing Sparkbook are sold out but the PDF/ebook version is still available in my studio store. The ebook is actually more popular than the physical book. It’s cheaper, easy to carry around, and works as a companion to any normal sketchbook. Oh, and if you bundle it with any other item in the store you can save 15% on your entire purchase with offer code “bundle15”.

Anyway, enjoy this free download and please share it with others. Just post this link on your favorite social media:

(NOTE: The Pose Drawing Sparkbook is not affiliated with or endorsed by Jake Parker.)