Pose Drawing Sparkbook SOLD OUT! (Ebook Still Available)


Almost a year after my Kickstarter campaign ended, I’ve now sold and shipped my entire inventory of the Pose Drawing Sparkbook. I’m thrilled that so many people have found it to be a helpful resource.

Although there are no physical copies left, you can still order the ebook version as an instant download from my online store or through the iBooks store. The ebook has actually been more popular than the physical book. It’s less expensive, it’s easy to carry (just add it to your smartphone or tablet), and it’s the perfect companion to any sketchbook. Not sure what to draw? Just open the ebook and scroll through the lists of ideas or read some helpful articles about how to put more personality and life into your drawings.

I want to thank everyone again who backed my Kickstarter campaign or who ordered copies. I will never be able to express how grateful I am for your help in making my little idea a reality. I’m still hearing from artists who are using and enjoying the book, and I’m glad it has been so helpful to so many people.