This and That 7/5/14

I’ve been plenty busy getting ready for our upcoming move to a bigger house while also working on several client projects that have to stay under wraps. In the mean time, here’s a few interesting links and tidbits from around the ol’ interwebs:

  • Riddle me this, Batman: What classic TV show is finally coming to DVD and Bluray?
    [youtube_sc url=BTGAXBeYDcM width=430]
  • Over in France they are making a CGI film based on the ‘Astérix’ comics. Normally I’m not a fan of 2D-to-3D-adaptions but in this case they’ve done an impressive job of capturing the essence of the strip. I only wish I understood what they are saying:
    [youtube_sc url=H8hchkucnJ4 width=430]
  • An impressive animated GIF by Steve Byas (click the image of the GIF doesn’t play automatically):
  • I have to agree with this article: “New ‘Batman v Superman’ Photo Proves We’ve Learned Nothing From ‘Man of Steel'”.1404338747000-USA-Today-Online2
  • A delightful example of the power of good editing: ‘Star Wars’ recut as a modern Marvel movie:

[youtube_sc url=TLyNMSkTiGg width=430]