Courtroom Sketching: Amy Senser Trial, Day 4

Today two of the three key witnesses were teenagers. Because they were minors the judge instructed all of courtroom sketch artists to not sketch them. At all. We asked if we could just draw outlines or even genderless mannequin-like “ghost” shapes and even that request was denied. The judge was very nice about it but he wasn’t taking any chances. It made for a challenging day of sketching.

On a side note, I’m told that some of my sketches from the trial wound up on ‘Good Morning America’ this morning. A relative DVR’d it for me and I plan to check it out.

courtroom sketch
The defendant's husband, former Minnesota Viking Joe Senser, takes the stand for his second day of questioning.
courtroom sketch - judge
Since I wasn't allowed to sketch the teenage witnesses on the stand, I worked on a close-up of the judge instead.
courtroom sketch
Since we weren't allowed to sketch the minors who were testifying, or even sustitute a blank outline or silhouette, I was forced to leave the witness stand empty. Naturally the news station wasn't able to do much with this one.