Courtroom Sketching: Amy Senser Trial, Day 3

Today was the first day of testimony for one of the star witnesses, ex-NFL player and local celebrity Joe Senser, who’s wife is on trial for the hit-and-run

The TV station asked me not to come in until 11am today. Even though I showed up early the courtroom was packed and every seat taken. I had to draw out in the hallway for the rest of the morning looking through a tiny window in the door. Fortunately after the lunch recess I was able to get a good seat inside.

Court was adjourned before I was able to finish up the third sketch so I quickly slapped in some color and ran it out to the news trucks as-is.

Keep watching KSTP-5 for ongoing coverage.

Courtroom sketch
Lawyers for the prosecution (left) and defense (right) confer privately with the judge.
Courtroom sketch - Joe Senser 1
Former Vikings player and local celebrity Joe Senser takes the stand in defense of his wife.
Courtroom sketch - Joe Senser 2
Former Minnesota Viking Joe Sensor is questioned by attorneys while his wife, defendant Amy Senser (far left), looks on