Courtroom Sketching: Amy Senser Trial, Day 2

Today was Day 2 of the Amy Senser hit-and-run trial, and once again I was hired by local station KSTP-5 to do some courtroom sketches. Several witnesses took the stand so I was drawing fast and furious. Courtroom sketching is always a balancing act. Do I focus on quantity or quality? A couple of really good sketches or several hurried ones? Here’s what I was able to bang out today.

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Amy Senser and her attorney
Amy Senser, seated next to her attorney, bows her head as she listens to 911 calls from the accident scene.
Amy Senser cries
Amy Senser dabs tears from her eyes as the medical examiner discusses the victim's injuries.
The courtroom
A witness dabs tears from her eyes as she listens to a tape of her 911 call from the crime scene.
courtroom sketch of victim's family member
A relative of the victim gives her testimony.
medical examiner
The medical examiner describes the damage to the victim's body.
Brittani Sensor
Amy Senser's stepdaughter Brittani Sensor testifies.