Act II Popcorn Header

A few months ago I was hired by the terrific team at Minneapolis agency RPM Connect to illustrate an in-store display for Act II Popcorn, a brand owned by ConAgra Foods. RPM came to me with a fun concept (two kids bouncing around on a sea of popcorn) and a rough layout for the signage, then asked me to work up a sketch:

ConAgra gave us a thumbs-up to move forward. Due to printing limitations it was decided that we could only use five colors: Black, Red, Blue, Gold, and White. I could use any percentage of the colors I needed but we decided not to risk mixing the colors. In other words, I could use 30% red to get pink but I couldn’t add black to the red to get maroon. It was a bit of a challenge but in the end I think it worked out well.

I created the artwork in Illustrator. I made sure to place the kids and the floating popcorn bits on different layers so that the designer could have a little flexibility when fitting them into the different layouts. I didn’t bother illustrating all of the popcorn on the right-hand side of the artwork since I knew it would be covered up by the blue-and-gold “swoop” shape.

Here’s the final artwork I submitted:

And here’s the final header RPM designed for use in stores:

Look for this display in your local grocery store, and then grab yourself some yummy popcorn!