Creative Freelancer Conference


I’ll be in San Diego Wed.-Fri. (Aug. 26-28) for the second annual Creative Freelancer Conference (sponsored by HOW Magazine and Marketing Mentor). I attended last year’s conference and got a lot out of it. Even though I’ve been freelancing for well over a decade I picked up quite a few tips and tricks for how to run my business better, and came away inspired to take my career to the next level. The seminars and workshops look to be just as helpful this year, if not more so.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What Will Your Freelance Business Be When It Grows Up? (Petrula Vrontikis)
  • Money-Saving Tax Solutions for Creatives (June Walker)
  • The Essential Rules for Writing and Presenting Proposals (Peleg Top)
  • Effective Presentations for Creative Solopreneurs (Darryl Salerno)
  • Dealing With Nightmare Clients (Michelle Goodman)
  • The Astoundingly Simple Secrets to Making Social Media Work For You (Colleen Wainwright)
  • Freelance Success Panel (moderated by Ilise Benun)
  • Speaker Panel Q&A (moderated by Ilise Benun)
  • Create or Die: Thriving in the Create-On-Demand World (Todd Henry)
  • Workshop: Hands-On Marketing Lab (Ilise Benun)
  • Workshop: The Price Is Right (Lee Silber & Peleg Top)

If you make your living freelancing or are thinking about freelancing as a career, it would be well-worth your time and money to attend. According to the conference website there’s still time to register if you are one of those last-minute types. Hope to see you there!