New Sketchbook From Craig McCracken


Craig McCracken, creater of The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, has released a brand new sketchbook entitled Wander Over Yonder. I’m a huge fan of his character design work and can’t wait to get my signed copy in the mail. Don’t wait too long to order yours. Word on the street is they’re almost gone.

(EDIT: I received my copy in the mail today. It’s great art but not quite what I expected. I was hoping to see various character designs and random sketches from McCracken’s sketchbook. Instead there’s just one character. Every drawing (one per page) is a different pose or vignette of the fuzzy guy pictured above. The poses are expressive, the compositions are great, the backgrounds are delightful, and McCracken’s drawings say a lot with a little. But it’s all the same character.)