Monkey Business

gorillaLast summer I was interviewed by magazine editor and cartooning buff John Read for issue #3 of his excellent magazine Stay Tooned! It was a real honor for me, especially considering some of the exceptional talent and “big names” in cartooning that have graced his pages.

I wanted to order several extra copies of the magazine to give to family and friends. John offered to give them to me for free in exchange for an original sketch. He colleects cartoons of gorillas and asked me to doodle up a gorilla (black and white only) reading his magazine. I was delighted to oblige.

The extra issues arrived and then life got crazy, and I’m embarrassed to say it took me several weeks before I was able to do the sketch. Because of the long wait I went one step further and inked it. I’ve been doing all-digital drawings for well over a year now so it felt a little odd to ink something on paper but it came back to me fairly quickly. The drawing went out in today’s mail, and John has given me permission to post it here.

Stay Tooned! really is a terrific magazine for anyone interested in cartooning or cartoon art. Don’t let the fact that a schmuck like me got in the magazine fool you. You can subscribe or order back issues here.