Blogging Break

I’m afraid I’m going to have to go light on the blogging for a while. My wife is very pregnant with our second baby, so much so that she has been put on strict bed rest (doctor’s orders). In other words she’s supposed to stay in bed 24-7 for the next few weeks until the baby comes (mid-January, maybe sooner). It’s not too serious—more of a precaution than anything—but it means in addition to working full-time I’ll be handling our toddler, doing all the house work, running all the errands, and helping my wife to keep from going crazy from boredom lying in bed all day. With the Christmas season kicking into high gear that’s going to make things extra-crazy. And those of you who are parents know that once a new baby comes the craziness doesn’t immediately go away.

I may do some blogging here and there if for no other reason than to take a break and attempt to connect with the outside world. However, the posts will probably be few and far between for the next few weeks. Once life stabilizes for us I look forward to things getting back to normal. Until then, thanks for your patience.