Link: The Next Big Thing…Not!

I’m still under the gun with deadlines, so unfortunately no time today to write a “real” blog post. Instead, I’d like to refer you to a new post from my friend and fellow artist/blogger Tom Richmond:

The Next Big Thing!…Not

Tom writes about a common problem for freelancers: The client with a big idea but no cash. His post really hit home with me because I regularly get approached by entrepreneurs who need some free artwork to pitch their children’s book or novelty product. They promise I’ll soon be rolling in the dough, except they usually have no experience, no money, no connections, and no publisher/distributor. While I’m always flattered to be asked, such requests almost always wind up going nowhere and are really just a waste of my time.

(Besides, I never do free or even discounted artwork for such projects. If they really believe their idea will make them rich, they should at least have enough confidence to invest in payment for the artwork.)

Tom summarizes the issue well, and I’m sure some of you will be able to relate.