13 Reasons NOT To Be A Freelancer

I’ve been freelancing for eleven years and I love it! Despite the high highs and low lows, overall its been a great career choice for me. But freelancing is not for everyone. I’ve written about the drawbacks and benefits before. Recently I came across a great post written by Chad at ProFreelancing.com that looks at it from another angle:

13 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be A Freelance Writer

The article is aimed at writers, but you could substitute “artist” for “writer” and his comments would still hold true. I agreed completely with every reason on his list except #5 (“Poor Typist”), which obviously doesn’t apply to artists, and possibly #6 (Poor Marketing). Everything else is dead-on.

I certainly wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from pursuing a freelance career. But before you take the plunge, you would be wise to take Chad’s advice to heart.