New! eSketchbook and Bonus Screen Saver


If you’ve attended a comic book convention in the last few years, you may have noticed the “sketchbook craze” spreading through the art world. Comic book and animation artists will assemble dozens of personal sketches, have them made into booklets at Kinko’s, and sell them at conventions and other events. I’ve been to Comic-Con twice in the last five years and each time I’ve come back with an armload of inspiring sketchbooks to drool over.

I’ve also experimented with printing sketchbooks myself. In 2004 I put together a book of mostly cartoony portraits and called it “Head Hunting”. I never rented a table or booth, but I made up a small print run and managed to eventually sell or trade all of them. In 2006 I printed a second volume, “Head Hunting Volume 2”. Again, it was a small print run and I sold out of them as well.


Instead of doing a third volume, I’m going to try something different. I’ve chosen the best sketches from both volumes, plus about twenty new sketches, and assembled them into what I’m calling an “eSketchbook”. It’s a PDF file containing over 100 of my personal sketches and doodles which can be downloaded and, if you’d like, printed out on your home computer. A sample two-page spread is shown above.

As a bonus I’ve also saved each spread as a JPEG and included instructions on how to turn the JPEGs into a screen saver.

I’m selling the entire package—100+ sketches and a bonus screen saver—for $9.95.

To purchase the eSketchbook, , visit the store on my website. Once you buy the sketchbook, an email will be sent to you with a link to download the file. My website store is brand new, so if you run into any bugs or problems please email me and let me know.