Talks About Money


This looks interesting. Talks About Money is a new book designed to help freelancers figure out what to charge for their projects. While the book is primarily aimed at graphic designers, there is not all that much difference between how a freelance graphic designer decides what to charge and how a freelance illustrator/artist decides what to charge. The process for figuring out the value of a project and how to arrive at that number is very similar in both fields. Many books about freelancing lump them together.

According to…

This book [Talks About Money] is about what a graphic designer should, or could, earn–with texts based on a series of 2006-07 interviews with established and emerging freelance designers. Inside you will find a wide range of prices, calculations, problems, strategies, principles and lots of zeros.

I haven’t added the book to my Recommended Resources list yet because I haven’t read it and therefore can’t endorse it yet. But if it is what I think it is, it could be an excellent resource for freelancers.

Also, for some odd reason has the cover image mixed up with another book by the same author. Hopefully the mistake will be fixed soon.

You can pre-order Talks About Money here.