Re-Post: Free Drawing Lessons

Here’s an old blog post from 2005. My blog audience has grown since then so I thought it was worth re-posting:


(Sketches by Pixar artist Tom Gately)

Walt Stanchfield started as a Disney clean-up artist in the 60’s, and by the 1990’s he had become one of Disney’s premiere drawing instructors. Now, thanks to the folks at Animation Meat you can download 70 different notes and handouts from Stanchfield’s classes. Though they are geared more for the advanced artist than the beginner, there’s enough valuable information to benefit anyone who has a serious interest in drawing the human form. Enjoy!

(If you print them out, have a lot of paper on hand. I think the entire set of notes takes up about 200 pages).

EDIT: Yikes! I just checked the site and the PDF files are no longer available for download. My apologies. As best I can tell, the handouts are being compiled into a book that should be available soon. Oh well. Check out the rest of the Animation Meat site, there’s some great stuff there.