Ask Mr. Artist Guy

Announcing a new feature coming to Cedric’s Blog-O-Rama!: “Ask Mr. Artist Guy”

I love writing this blog, but sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with fresh and interesting topics to write about five times a week, every week, all year.

My friend and fellow illustrator/blogger Tom Richmond actually blogs more frequently than I do (I don’t know how he does it). Tom also has a regular “mailbag” feature on his blog where he answers questions emailed in from readers. Tom, if you are reading this, and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then consider yourself flattered. I’m about to steal your idea.

To keep this blog fresh and interesting I’m going to ask for a little help from you my faithful readers. If you’ve got a question about freelancing/illustration, send it to If you have a cool link or a suggestion for a topic, send that as well. I can’t promise that everything I receive will eventually make it onto the blog, but every email will get read and if I think it will make a good springboard for a blog post I’ll work it in eventually. I’ll also give name credit at the end of each post, so if you want to be anonymous just say so in your email.

This’ll be fun. I know you readers are smart, thoughtful, and curious, so I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and questions.