Looney Tunes on iTunes


Classic Looney Tunes animated shorts are now available for download on iTunes, priced at two for $1.99. Right now if you go to the iTunes store and click on “TV Shows”, you’ll see a box in the middle area of the screen that says “Looney Tunes Studio Just Added”. Click on it and you’ll see 60 classic shorts organized by character (Twenty Bugs Bunny, twenty Daffy Duck, and twenty Porky Pig cartoons). You have to buy them in pairs, but at least you can buy them.

If you are a big fan of Looney Tunes, the best and most comprehensive source of cartoon mayhem is the Looney Tunes Golden Collection on DVD. Five volumes have been released so far with each volume containing over fifty cartoons on four discs, plus commentaries, featurettes, and cartoons from the “vault”. (You can buy them from Amazon.com through my Recommended Resources page.)

At $1.99 for two cartoons, the iTunes option is an inexpensive way to build your own custom library of the “greatest hits” of Warner Brothers animation. And unlike a DVD collection, if you own a video iPod or iPhone you can carry them around with you anywhere.

For you youngin’s who might not be familiar with the Bugs Bunny classics, I highly recommend downloading “The Rabbit of Seville/Rabbit Seasoning” combo on the iTunes Bugs Bunny page. Both were directed by Chuck Jones, and they are two of the funniest cartoons Warner Brothers ever produced.