This Little Piggy Stayed Home…


I received a letter from a man in Germany who collects autographs and sketches from cartoonists around the world. In broken English he politely asked if I might someday have time to send him an autographed sketch. He also asked that it be of a pig, since his wife likes to collect little pig knick knacks.

Normally I don’t make a habit of doing free sketches for strangers. But this guy was extremely polite, and he wrote all the way from Germany. He even sent a self-addressed envelope and a dollar bill (American) to cover the return postage. How could I refuse?

It took me a while to get around to it, but when I did this little doodle came out of my pencil. I hope he likes it. I mailed him the original, but first I scanned it in and then later splashed in some color.

It also got me thinking, it might be fun to do a series of illustrations based on the children’s rhyme, “This little piggie went to market…”. Maybe some day when I have some free time I’ll illustrate a story about ’em. Wee! Wee! Wee!