Stormy Weather

Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning a nasty storm ripped through our neighborhood. My neighbor on the left had a tree fall into her back yard, my neighbor kitty corner from me also had a tree knocked over, and the neighbor on my right had a giant branch take out his telephone and TV cable lines before smashing into his fence. Another branch fell into the power lines, caught fire, and then the line snapped.

Fortunately I dodged the bullet. I had one branch down in my front yard, and in my back yard my gas grill was blown ten feet across the yard and then knocked over by the wind, snapping the handle off. Considering the gas tank was nearly full, that gives you an idea of how strong the wind was.

I’ve been swamped with projects lately, so I was up working on a deadline at 2am when the storm knocked out our power (our second power outage in two weeks). It would really mess things up for my client if I turned the project in late, so I had to pack up my computer and Cintiq and drive over to my mother-in-law’s house across town to keep working. The power is back on now and I’ll be heading back home later today.

All that to say…I’m behind on my blog posting. I usually write posts ahead of time when possible and then schedule them to publish one a day. I’ll have new content tomorrow, something actually worth reading, but for now I invite you to visit some of the excellent links listed over on the right side of this page (“Art Blogs”, “Fun Stuff”, and “Podcasts”).