Pixar Shorts coming to DVD


This looks super cool. Pixar will be releasing the Pixar Short Films Collection on DVD November 6. The DVD will include thirteen cartoon shorts plus commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, animation tests, and a featurette.

I currently own a VHS copy of Tiny Toy Stories, which contains 5 of Pixar’s earliest shorts. Although the computer rendering is crude by modern standards, the stories are rich with the delightful charm and humor that is Pixar. Watching all 13, plus commentaries to boot, will be a real treat.

Also on November 6 Ratatouille hits DVD, as well as a 2-disc platinum edition of Cars. I’ll probably skip the Cars DVD, since it was clearly Pixar’s weakest effort. (Weak by Pixar standards, that is. By typical Hollywood standards, Cars is still highly entertaining.) But if the special features are nice enough I may splurge. I have yet to see Ratatouille, but I’m really hoping to catch it before it leaves theaters.

Either way, on Nov. 6 I’ll be walking out of Wal-Mart with some new Pixar goodies.