Welcome to my new home!

It’s moving day. I’m in the process of transferring my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. The link to my new feed is the blue button on the right.

I’m quite fond of Blogger, but the more I’ve learned about WordPress the more I’ve found its just a better site with more options and features. So, welcome to my new home!

Be patient with me while I unpack the boxes and get everything set up. I was able to import all my past content from Blogger except the pictures amd links. I have to do that myself one at a time. And since this is primarily an art blog, that’s a lot of pictures for me to import. But I’m excited to be here.

I’m also hoping to post more often. With WordPress I can write several posts at once and then schedule them to show up one per day. That way, when I’m in a writing mood I can do more than just one entry….giving the illusion that I am more organized that I really am, and hopefully resulting in more frequent posts.