Hotel Rwanda

My wife and I just finished watching this movie. Truth be told I wasn’t looking forward to it, but ten minutes into the movie I was hooked. If you have never seen it, go rent it now! This is one of the best films I have seen all year. I mean it–this movie will captivate you.

Did you know that in 1994 almost a million people were massacred in Rwanda? Neither did I. The event received very little press here in America, which is a shame. In fact, the world by and large stood by and did nothing as the bodies piled up. This film tells the true story of a shrewd and courageous hotel manager who sheltered over 1,200 refugees in his high-class hotel while the country around him spiralled into chaos.

Surprisingly, the movie conveys the gut-wrenching horrors of war with hardly any actual “blood and guts” depicted on screen. The film also gives us something we rarely see from Hollywood these days: a true hero to admire.

I tend to be somewhat finicky with my taste in movies. So believe me when I say, this movie is good. (It was nominated for a “Best Picture” Golden Globe). Definitely worth your rental dollar.