Real Cartoonists

John K has written an article on his blog entitled “Dan Gordon and What Makes a Cartoonist”. John briefly surveys the history of animation and cartoons, pointing out the difference between cartoonists who can draw well structurally but tend to use cliched poses and expressions versus cartoonists who perhaps can’t draw quite as well but who bring a heightened sense of believabilty and authenticity to their characters. Fascinating stuff.

While I don’t agree with John entirely, I do see what he’s getting at. If I were to be honest, I probably see myself a lot more in the “cliche” camp of cartoonists and not enough in the other, perhaps because when I draw I tend to think structually first and emotionally second. But I don’t want to stay where I’m at, I want to keep growing and maturing to the point where I can put more personality and gut-level believability into my drawings.

John K’s blog has some great stuff. It you haven’t lately, give it a read.