Ikaw ba ay mabuting tao?

That’s “Are You a Good Person?” in Tagalog, a language of the Philippines. Let me explain:

About a year ago I illustrated a cartoon gospel tract called “Are You a Good Person?” for a ministry called Living Waters. I gave it to them for free, under the condition that it remain copyright-free so that I can offer it to any ministry that wants to print them. I don’t make a dime off it, and don’t want to. The tract has been very well-received. So far almost a million copies(!) have been printed in English, and translations have recently been completed in French, Spanish, and Tagalog (a language in the Philippines). That’s more than I would have ever dreamed. But it’s nothing compared to all the hard work being done by full-time missionaries around the world who have comitted their lives to the gospel. I’m just a yutz at a drawing board. They’re the ones on the front lines.

Today I received word that the first Tagalog tracts were distributed at a Christmas party in a slum in the Philippines by Jeff and Mary Ann Anderson, missionaries with Action International. Jeff and Mary Ann are doing tremendous work, be sure to visit their blog. They were kind enough to send me photos of the tracts being distributed at the party. Mary Ann writes:

I’m really excited to tell you that we had our first Christmas party for children in a squatter area today. This was the first time we distributed the “Ikaw ba ay mabuting tao?” tracts. I wanted to send you a few pictures that I took. The first picture shows you about how many kids were there (more than in the photo) and the surroundings. The next two pictures are Jeff talking with kids as he was handing them out. The other pictures show how the kids immediately began reading the tracts. Everyone wanted one. We must have given out about 150 or more at this one party.

We are now praying that God will use the pictures throughout our distribution and Christmas parties this season. Our missionaries are asking for more copies they can hand out.

Is this cool or what?