Recent Projects

Two projects which I just finished:

First, Arctic Cat publishes a children’s magazine three times a year, and they wanted to update their “Cool Cat” character who offers a safety tip for snowmobiling at the end of each issue. This illustration will be placed next to the safety tip. It was a rush project, so if I had it to do over again I would have made the pose read more clearly. It’s hard to make out the right leg at first glance.

City Place Steakhouse is a new restaurant that will be opening soon in New Jersey. The owner is styling his menu in a newspaper format, and he wanted a comic strip to go on the “Children’s Menu” page. This was what I came up with (click for a larger image). It’s adapted from an old Ole and Lena joke. Hey, I’m an artist not a writer. At the last minute the client requested that the restaurant name be incorporated into the comic strip somewhere. So I stuck the logo in the background on the first panel. Hopefully it looks natural.

If you live near Carlstadt, New Jersey, look for City Place Steakhouse to be opening soon.