Tempted Online

Internet pornography is a huge problem. Almost every guy I know has been tempted with it to one degree or another. Internet filters help, but I’ve found they typically have two shortcomings. First, it’s impossible for even the best filters to keep up with all the bad stuff out there. Second, every filter I have tried occasionally blocks “innocent” sites by mistake, making it frustrating to get around the internet.

The best software I’ve found to deal with the problem is called Covenant Eyes. Instead of using filters, it keeps track of your internet surfing and then e-mails a weekly report of your activities to a friend (or friends) of your choosing. I like the accountability it provides. Combine that with a good internet filter and you’ve got a winning combo.

Why am I telling you this? Recently the creator of Covenant Eyes hired me to illustrate a book they are producing for people who struggle with internet pornography. I’ve been burning the midnight oil (and drinking lots of Monster Low-Carb) to finish up the artwork. Here’s a sample illustration from the project.