Hurricane Relief: The Comic Book

Cover art by Randy Green, colors by Rob Schwager

If you haven’t been able to donate yet to the hurricane relief effort (or even if you have), maybe this will spark your interest. Community Comics has created TEMPEST, a comic book about the recent hurricane tragedies. All proceeds will go to the Salvation Army for victims of Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita. Because of contractual obligations TEMPEST won’t go on sale until February, but the Salvation Army would like to give away 50,000 copies during their Christmas kettle drive. If you are so inclined, please conisder a donation to help pay for the printing.

TEMPEST is written by Ben Avery (ArmorQuest, Lullaby, The Hedge Knight)

Artists involved in TEMPEST include:
Randy Green (Witchblade, Emma Frost, Dollz)
Javier Saltares (David’s Mighty Men, Wolverine, G I Joe)
Sherwin Schwartzrock (ArmorQuest, Deal with the Devil)
Sergio Cariello (Batman, Sojourn, Spider-Man)
Mike Worley (The Simpsons, Archie Comics)
Tom Bancroft (Big Idea, Disney, Opposite Forces)
Phil Hester (Nightwing, Green Arrow, The Wretch)
Mario Ruiz (Samson, Testament)
Gary Shipman (Pakkin’s Land, Amazing True Life Stories)
Darren Brady (Handel’s Messiah, HeroTV)
Jesse Hamm (Bitten Apple, Savage Daisies)
Tim Kane (Wildgaurd, Super Crazy TNT Blast!!)
Gary Martin (The Moth, Nexus)