New Cartoon Gospel Tract


Back in 2005 I illustrated a cartoon Gospel tract called “Are You A Good Person?”, based on a presentation by Christian author and speaker Ray Comfort for the ministry of Living Waters. To date they’ve distributed over five million copies of the tract and it has been translated into twenty languages. There’s even been an animated version produced (which I supervised) that has so far had almost 450,000 views on YouTube. By sheer numbers that little cartoon tract has been seen by more people than any other single project I’ve ever worked on.

Recently I illustrated another tract for their ministry, this time taking one of their oldest tracts and updating it with modern artwork. It’s called “Hey, Kids!”. There are eight pages total, and the last two pages are pictured below. You can read the entire thing and order copies from Living Waters here.

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Gospel tracts often get a bad rap, and rightfully so. Often they tend to be tacky, silly, cheesy, or insulting. Living Waters is one of the few ministries I’ve seen that actually tries hard to create Christian literature that is attractive, intriguing, and sometimes even humorous. Their goal is to create things people would actually *want* to read. Obviously it’s impossible to create literature of any kind, religious or not, that will appeal to everyone and offend no one. But as Christian tracts go they try to keep the bar pretty high, and I feel grateful to have been able to help them out.

Good Friday Cartoon

Today is Good Friday, the day Christians celebrate the torture, crucifixion, and death of Jesus Christ. So why is it called “good?” Good question.

Earlier in my career I illustrated this 8-page cartoon Gospel tract. I hope it will explain the answer.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Today is Good Friday, the day when Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. “Good Friday” seems like an odd name one of the most bloody and tortuous executions in human history. How could such a horrific event be “good”?

Because Jesus suffered and died for your sins. He paid for your crimes, then rose from the dead. He can forgive you, cleanse you, and give you eternal life. And that’s good news!


A couple of years ago I illustrated a cartoon gospel tract to help explain it. So far about two million copies have been printed and its been translated into eight different languages. The tract is copyright-free (I make no royalties) so you can read it for free online. (If you know a ministry that would like to print and distribute the tract, or would like to help with a translation, click here.)

Good Friday is about death, but Easter is about resurrection. If Jesus died and stayed dead, then Christianity is a joke and we might as well close the church doors. But if he did rise from the dead, then his claim to be the Son of God is really true. For you skeptics out there, you may be surprised to know that unlike ghost stories and fairy tales, there is strong, intelligent evidence that the resurrection really did happen. I challenge you not to dismiss Jesus and his claims until you have checked out all the facts.

Thanks for indulging this “preachy” post. Now go eat some jelly beans and have a happy Easter!