Advice For Building A Career As An Illustrator Or Cartoonist

My friend and fellow illustrator Paul Fricke recently sent me a great link:

Advice for building a career as a freelance artist and/or paid cartoonist by Dave Roman

Dave Roman has been working at Nickelodeon Magazine for the last nine years. He is also a frequent lecturer at the School of Visual Arts. This article summarizes his advice for art students just starting out in illustration, comics, and/or cartooning. I’ve been freelancing for over ten years now, and I agree with what Roman has to say. His article is packed with good advice for the beginner (or even the not-so-beginner).

Along the same lines, here’s another great article I’ve blogged about before:

17 Lessons on Freelancing by Megan Jeffery.

Top Ten Lists For Freelancers. And A Podcast.


OK, one is a Top Twelve list and the other is a Top Thirteen list. Still, these are some terrific articles from one of my favorite blogs,

12 Breeds Of Client And How To Work With Them

Thirteen Breeds Of Freelancer And How To Up Your Game

FreelanceSwitch has also started a podcast. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but it looks like its gonna be a good one.