Animation for “What’s In The Bible?” Volume 9

DVD Cover

Earlier this year I animated another segment for the DVD series “What’s In The Bible?” (from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer). Volume 9, “God Speaks”, covers the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament. I was asked to animate five brief clips to illustrate the various categories of biblical prophecy (i.e. instruction oracles, indictment oracles, etc.). I had no idea that scholars divided prophecy into categories, which just goes to show what a quality production this series is. It’s great for all ages. Although primarily aimed at kids, even a guy like me who’s been reading the Bible regularly for most of his adult life can still learn a few things from it.

All of the scenes I animated took place in a courtroom. Below are a few screen grabs, followed by a short DVD promo clip that contains a portion of my animation.

Animation still

[youtube_sc url=wqGDYo9F4mA width=430]

You can order DVDs of What’s In The Bible? from their website or on Amazon.

Animation for “What’s In The Bible?” Vol. 8

For the past couple of years VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer has been working on an ambitous new project called What’s In The Bible? It’s a 13-part DVD series that uses puppets, live action, and animation to educate children and adults alike about the contents of the best-selling book of all time. It’s an entertaining blend of Bible stories, theology, church history, and answers to tough questions, with equal parts silliness and reverence.

I’ve had the honor of animating a few short segments for the series, and it’s been a lot of fun. Volume 8: Psalms, Proverbs, and the Writings has just been released. I  animated a short segment on Proverbs to help explain the difference between being smart and being wise. Unfortunately I can’t post the animation here yet, but I do have permission to show a few screen shots:

Here’s a trailer for What’s In The Bible Volume 8. You can order the DVD here.

EDIT: The client has posted a portion of the animation I did for them on YouTube. For your viewing pleasure:

[youtube_sc url=Ynq1evqeKmg width=430]

Preschool Puzzles for Patch Products (Say That Five Times Fast)

A few months ago I created a large batch of illustrations for Patch Products, a leading toy and game company. They had a series of puzzles for very young children that needed a refresh, complete with new artwork.

Preschool Puzzles

Today a package arrived containing all thirty of the updated puzzles, bundled in packs of three. I’m told that they’ll be popping up on the shelves at Walmart very soon if they haven’t already. You can also order them online directly from Patch.

I did almost 100 illustrations for the project. A few of them are shown above.

Monkey Business

Monkey - Wonderblimp of Knowledge

Last year I designed a monkey puppet to join the cast of characters on, a multimedia website venture from Focus on the Family and VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. There’s lots of terrific educational video content on the site and several of the characters have also crossed over into the DVD series What’s In The Bible?

The new JellyTelly site is now live and, for the moment at least, free to watch. It’s a beta site and the creators are considering some sort of subscription model for future content but at the moment the site’s primary source of revenue is donations.

The monkey character is part of a new segment called “Clive and Ian’s Wonderblimp of Knowledge”. Unfortunately I’m not able to embed a clip but you can watch the Wonderblimp segments on this page of

Pizza Math


This is an illustration I completed earlier this year for Trend Enterprises. They wanted a pizza chef to use on the packaging of an educational board game. The game uses pizza slices to teaches kids about fractions.

The game is now being sold in Target stores. I’m told it’s in the learning products section, kinda between magazines and books, next to flash cards. I haven’t seen the final packaging yet but a copy of the game will be shipped to me soon.

Next time I order from Pizza Hut, I’ll have a fun new way to figure out the tip.

EDIT: Finally received my copy in the mail.  Here’s a scan of the final cover: