Sketchbook Update: Hobo Magician


For today’s warmup I thought I’d try drawing a character into a photo. Not sure it was 100% successful, but that’s what sketches are for: playing around, practicing, and sometimes making mistakes.

Sketchbook Update: Private Detective


The Character Design Challenge group on Facebook posts a new character idea each month and invites artists to contribute their version of the character. It’s a lot of fun. This month’s theme is ‘Private Detective’. I started noodling around with it a bit for my morning doodle and came up with this. Might take another crack at it tomorrow.

Sketchbook Update: Shape of the Week



Thought I’d try something different for today’s warmup sketch. Every week artist Mallory Carlson posts a random shape on her Twitter feed and challenges other artists to do something with it. Above is this week’s shape and my take on it.

Sketchbook Update: Monday Morning Inbox


I just got back from our family vacation over a four-day weekend. Naturally there was a ton of email to dig through. I’ve been working on it most of the day and still am not done. This is what it feels like.