Crayola Skyscraper Art

A few months ago I was hired by Crayola to create an illustration showing some of their marker characters interacting with the Empire State Building. The artwork was used as a coloring page on the back of some packaging. Unfortunately it is only being sold in one store, the Toys-R-Us in Times Square. New Yorkers have all the fun!


Coloring Page for Goldfish Swim School

Coloring Book Page from Cedric Hohnstadt Illustration

Last year I was hired by Goldfish Swim Schools to create a mascot for their company, a goldfish named “Bubbles”. They liked the mascot so much that they’ve since hired me to create a series of stick-on tattoos and coloring book pages for children featuring Bubbles in various costumes and themes. They’ll distribute one per month for an entire year. I recently completed the first coloring book page, with a pirate theme. More to come.