Christmas List Suggestions


The Christmas shopping season is in full swing. If you are an artist, or you are shopping for someone who is, I invite you to take a look at the “Recommended Resources” list I’ve compiled on It’s a few of the very best books, DVDs, and other resources I’ve found on topics such as art, illustration, animation, character design, and freelancing. Items are divided into categories for easy navigation, and I only put items on the list that I have personally used and found helpful. I’ve got two tall bookcases in my studio crammed with books. This list boils down a few of my favorites.

You can also access the list through the “Recommended Resources” tab at the top of my blog.

Full disclosure: pays me a small percentage of each order that is placed after you click on the link. If enough of you place orders I might make enough money to buy some more .99 cent apps for my iPhone.