Abortion Infographic

I am pro-life but my heart goes out to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. That has got to be scary. A few years ago I decided to try making a cartoon infographic that I hoped would address the issue in a way that was gentle, thoughtful, and respectful. I wanted to outline several reasons to consider alternatives to abortion, in the most sensitive way I know how.

I read several articles and took a lot of notes, and started doing a few sketches. Then life got busy and eventually the project got buried under other things. With Roe v. Wade back in the news, I decided it was time to blow the dust off and finish it up. I sent a finished draft to a few pro-life organizations for feedback and notes. The response was very positive and suggested revisions were minor.

The final version is below. Feel free to download and share it on social media. If you work at a crisis pregnancy center, church, or pro-life ministry let me know and I can make a version with your contact info at the bottom. If you would like a printed version to hand out, I’m also working on a foldable brochure layout that I can license for a fee. Please contact me if interested.

Cartoon illustrated infographic about abortion addressing concerns about unplanned pregnancy, outlining the pro-life reasons to consider carrying your baby and answering pro-choice objections. Copyright © 2022 Cedric Hohnstadt. All rights reserved.