Sketchbook Update: M*A*S*H

I must be on a some sort of 80’s television buzz. Here’s some doodles from M*A*S*H (only one of the greatest television shows ever). They need some tweaking but I’m getting sleepy, so I’m just positing ’em and hitting the sack.

Sketchbook Update: Michael Landon

I’ve been cooped up the entire Labor Day weekend trying to meet a deadline. Fortunately, TV Land is showing a 72-hour Michael Landon marathon (an uplifting contrast to Hurricane Katrina). So tonight I thought I’d unwind with a sketch Charles Ingalls.

Call me a sap, but I’ve always enjoyed Little House on the Prairie. Sure it’s a little hokey by today’s standards. But it also has a lot of heart. As a kid I had a crush on Melissa Gilbert and I wanted to grow up to be Michael Landon. Little House was fantasy, but it was uplifting fantasy. The Ingalls’ were a healthy, functional Christian family and the townsfolk always pitched in to help each other. What a contrast to the current TV landscape that seems to glorify selfishness and dysfunction.

I can’t help but reflect on the hardships faced by America’s pioneers as well as the current crisis in New Orleans. Both groups struggle to survive hardships without “necessities” like electricity or indoor plumbing, while I lose my cool if the cable goes out! How much I have to be thankful for and yet how often I take it all for granted.

Hurricane Cartoons?!?

(Cartoon by Clay Jones)

Here’s an artistic challenge: Create a cartoon about the hurricane tragedy in New Orleans. That’s the assignment if you make your living as an editorial cartoonist. Yet many¬†have risen to the challenge. Daryle Cagle’s Professional Cartoonist Index is probably the largest collection of editorial cartoons on the internet. You can view today’s cartoons, or past cartoons arranged by topic (i.e. Hurricane Katrina), or a daily archive of your favorite artist. Every once in a while I visit this site and I always marvel at the variety of creative ways these cartoonists address the serious issues of the day (even if I strongly disagree with their point of view). So take a gander.

And then, if you are so moved, please give a few bucks to the Salvation Army relief effort for the victims of hurricane Katrina.