Sketch Cards

Every once in a while I sit down and doodle up a few sketch cards. I buy the blank cards at my local art supply store, then get out some colored pencils and markers and have fun. No pressure. I just draw whatever I feel like. Some turn out, some don’t. The ones that do I send to past clients and/or potential future clients I’ve been trying to connect with, along with a hand-written note inside. It’s a great way to stand out from all the clutter that crosses an art director’s desk, or to keep relationships from growing cold. It’s also much more sincere and authentic than an email blast or a postcard campaign.

Another benefit: creating the cards doubles as sketchbook practice. Only instead of shoving all the drawings into a closet I’m sharing them through the mail.

The only downside is that it can be very time consuming way to connect with clients. As a result I can’t send out nearly as many as I’d like. On the other hand, if a client is worth connecting with, they’re worth spending a little time on.

Here’s a few of the cards I’ve mailed out recently:

sketchcard-lionsketchcard-elephantsketchcard-leopardsketchcard-babysketchcard-moosesketchcard-bear-mountainssketchcard-rabbitsketchcard-kid superhero