Merry Christmas To All!

I want to take a moment to extend warm Christmas wishes to all my blog readers. I didn’t have time to put together a fancy Christmas promotional card or email this year (the image above is from last year) so this blog post will have to suffice. Here’s hoping your Christmas is filled with happiness and peace!

Speaking of Christmas, one of the things many people celebrate during the holiday is the birth of Jesus. Have you ever wondered just why Jesus being born was such a big deal? I mean, we don’t celebrate the birthdays of Mohammed or Buddha. And what’s with that whole “born of a virgin” thing anyway?

Glad you asked.

[youtube_sc url=TCSUKIhjevo width=450]

Last year I was hired by a Christian ministry called Living Waters to produce a short animation that explains the basic Christian message, including why Jesus came. To date it has received over 300,000 views on YouTube and has been subtitled into over twenty languages. If you like the video you can download an HD version for free to use however you’d like.

If you haven’t already I’d be honored if you’d take five minutes out of your busy holiday to watch it. If not, thanks for indulging me. Either way, here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!